Saturday, July 29, 2006

WiFi-ed Xubuntu!

Yes, dear reader. I am now wifi-capable. It took a while, but again, the Ubuntu Forums really delivered this time. I suggest the tutorial of nzruss on installing, at least, the popular Linksys Wireless-G card (shown on left).

On a side note, I've ditched Opera in favor of Firefox. Opera felt less intuitive than Firefox. It's possible that I've grown so used to the Firefox interface that I just couldn't be without it, especially with TabMix Plus, Google Calendar Notifier, Google Calendar Quick Add and the iFox Smooth theme.

But Opera still sits in a tiny portion of my hard drive.

I've gone back to XFCE. With all the bells and whistles I wanted to put on the OpenBox desktop (not to mention all the necessary utilities) via gdesklets, I was inevitably going toward what I hated in the first place: a cluttered and wasteful desktop. This simple XFCE desktop promises to be first and foremost functional, and intuitive, at least for me.

Next task(s):
  • Wifi Radar

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