Friday, July 07, 2006

First signs of trouble

I downloaded the Ubuntu 6.0.6 LiveCD and the Xubuntu 6.0.6 LiveCD, and tried both out for my system. Not surprisingly, I had my share of problems. I browsed the Ubuntu site and Forum and found some possible solutions. Below are the problems and the possible solutions.

Ubuntu 6.0.6
  • Takes forever to boot, which ends up with a cursor on a maroon background, but nothing else. No menus, no taskbar, nothing.
  • Possible solutions:
    • LiveCD is burned wrongly. Try with a slower burn speed. (I doubt this will work, since it booted up, but no error messages came up.)
    • Too little memory. Get the alternate CD (for PCs with less than 192MB). No preview, but if you're willing to stick with it, go ahead. (Will probably work.)

Xubuntu 6.0.6
  • Booted fine, but very slow. Almost non-responsive. It's as if I have 7 different applications open (when all I clicked on was the Applications --> System --> Network).
  • Possible solution: Too little memory. See above.

Tonight might be the night of reckoning.

For old time's sake, I brought out my SLAX LiveCD. God I love it. The simple interface didn't clutter the desktop more than it should have. Everything was accessible with the mouse. Applications were able to take up more desktop real estate than in Windows.

I will make this work.

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