Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Installation log

I just officially screwed up my Linux box. I tried installing the samba package, but ended up with xffm, Xfce's file manager of old (and boy, did it really look old!).

So here I am, with a fresh Xubuntu install, with only gdm installed on top of the xubuntu-desktop package.

I shall journal my steps for posterity's sake (and for those who want to tread this dangerous path called Linux. :D )
  1. Visit AY Siu's site for installation instructions. Print. (I used the "Install XFCE" tutorial.)
  2. Pledge to use aptitude forevermore, unless applications aren't in the repositories.
  3. Install gdm for a graphical log-in.
  4. Get Swiftfox, the lean mean and beta version of Firefox 2. (tutorial)
  5. Get new kernel. (sudo aptitude install linux-686 from poofyhairyguy)
  6. Tweak ext3 partition. (tutorial)
  7. Try out fluxbox and icewm. (If you like your GUI, don't. If you don't mind seeing all text in your menus, then by all means, go ahead.)
  8. Install recommended Ubuntu Essentials. (Collect and select packages.) I used:
    1. gaim-guifications gaim-extendedprefs
    2. easyubuntu (I had to reinstall the Xubuntu since this screwed up the cleanliness of my disk.)
    3. vlc and mplayer
  9. Look for more optimization techniques.
(to be continued...)

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